IBCH PAS is a unique interdisciplinary scientific center that combines research in the areas of chemistry, biology and information technology. The main research topics in IBCH PAS include the synthesis and studies of the structure and functions of nucleic acids and proteins, and their components. The Institute runs a PhD Program and a Doctoral School. The IT part of IBCH PAS is managed by the Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center.


The beginnings of the IBCH PAS should be sought in 1969, when prof. Maciej Wiewiórowski ounded the Department of Stereochemistry of Natural Products of the Polish Academy of Sciences. The second key date is 1974, when prof. Wiewiórowski’s group moved to its own seat at Noskowskiego 12/14, where the main buildings of the contemporary Institute are still located. Read more ...

At present

IBCH PAS is currently one of the largest institutes of the Polish Academy of Sciences. It employs ca. 650 people, of which about half are PSNC employees. About 120 scientists carry out research, they are supported by about 80 technicians and the same number of PhD students. The scientific core of the Institute comprises of 30 departments and 12 supporting laboratories. Over half of the heads of these units are young, dynamic researchers, some of whom are still before the habilitation. Read more ...

IBCH PAS in numbers

Doctoral education

Doctoral school

In 2019 Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry PAS, Institute of Dendrology PAS, Institute of Molecular Physics PAS, Institute of Human Genetics PAS, and Institute of Plant Genetics PAS started together Poznan Doctoral School of Institutes of the Polish Academy of Sciences (PDS IPAS).

Recruitment to PDS IPAS is carried out continuously, in connection with the funding obtained for research projects. PhD students in IBCH PAS are educated in two disciplines: chemical sciences and biological sciences.

The IBCH PAS PhD Program

The IBCH PAS PhD Program started in 1993 and has two profiles – biological and chemical. PhD students work on their doctoral theses in scientific units of Poznań and Wielkopolska, including:

  • Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry PAS
  • Institute of Human Genetics PAS
  • Institute of Plant Genetics PAS
  • Institute of Dendrology PAS
  • Institute of Plant Protection – National Research Institute
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