Department of Genome Engineering



Marta Olejniczak,  PhD

Associate Prof. IBCH PAS


PhD Students:

Magdalena Dąbrowska, MSc;

Anna Kotowska-Zimmer, MSc Eng.




genome editing, CRISPR/Cas9, Cpf1, genetic therapy, RNA interference, miRNA, Huntington’s disease


Research area:

Research in the Department of Genome Engineering is currently focused on three major areas:

- Development of genome editing technologies and methods for assessing its effectiveness and specificity

- The use of genome editing technology to establish disease models and in cell and pre-clinical therapy of genetic diseases

- The use of genetic tools in experimental therapy for polyglutamine diseases


Ongoing research projects:

1. The use of genetic tools in the experimental therapy of polyglutamine diseases.



Selected publications from the last three years:

1. Olejniczak M, Kotowska-Zimmer A, Krzyzosiak WJ

Stress-induced changes in miRNA biogenesis and functioning.

Cell Mol Life Sci. 75:177-191 (2018)


2. Olejniczak M, Urbanek M.O., Jaworska E, Witucki Ł, Szcześniak M.W, Makałowska I, Krzyzosiak WJ.

Sequence-non-specific effects generated by various types of RNA interference triggers.

BBA Gene Regul Mech. 1859:306-14 (2016)


3. Galka-Marciniak P, Olejniczak M, Starega-Roslan J, Szczesniak MW, Makalowska I, Krzyzosiak WJ

siRNA release from pri-miRNA scaffolds is controlled by the sequence and structure of RNA.

BBA Gene Regul Mech. 2016; 1859:639-49 (2016)


4. Olejniczak M, Urbanek MU, Krzyzosiak WJ

The Role of the Immune System in Triplet Repeat Expansion Diseases.

Mediators Inflamm. 873860, (2015)


5. Krzyżosiak W, Olejniczak M, Fiszer A, Gałka-Marciniak P

Nucleic acid molecule, expression cassette, expression vector, eukaryotic host cell, induction method of RNA interference in eukaryotic host and use of nucleic acid molecule in therapy of diseases induced by expansion of trinucleotide CAG repeats.

Międzynarodowe zgłoszenie patentowe Pub. No.: WO/2015/030616