National Science Center grants for scientists from IBCH PAS!


We are pleased to announce that 9 projects from the IBCH PAS obtained funding in the National Science Center calls:

OPUS 18:
* Prof. Paweł Bednarek: "Interspecies metabolic engineering as a tool to investigate immune functions of plant specialized metabolites"
* Prof. Rafał Ciosk: "REGE-1 and RLE-1-dependent mRNA decay: The “R2-co” model of messenger RNA silencing"
* Prof. Paulina Jackowiak: "Comprehensive analysis of the Schmidtea mediterranea transcriptome – identification of non-coding RNAs involved in cell lineage development during regeneration"
* Prof. Zofia Gdaniec: "Exploring the sequence-structure relationship as a starting point for the design of DNA G-quadruplexes with a given topology -- an integrative approach combining molecular simulations with experimental methods" (a consortium with the Gdańsk University of Technology)

* Dr. Dagmara Baraniak: "Chemical architecture of fluorinated nucleoside dimers containing 1,2,3-triazole linker of potential use in molecular biology and medicine"
* Dr. Marta Szabat: "The G-rich sequences in the influenza A virus genome – structural features and potential biological function in viral replication cycle"

* Prof. Marta Olejniczak: "Allele-selective therapy for polyglutamine diseases with the use of RNA interference technology"

Julita Gumna: "Arc as a neuronal Gag. Exploring the viral properties and functions of a master regulator of synaptic plasticity"
Carolina Pereira Roxo: "Novel bispecific G-quadruplex conjugates as potential anticancer agents"

We wish many interesting results!