New habilitated doctors in the ICHB PAN


Recently, the postdoctoral degree of habilitated doctors has been awarded to:
* December 17, 2019 - Dr. Dariusz Brzeziński (Department of Crystallography - Center for Biocrystallographic Research) - technical sciences, discipline of IT, awarded by the Council of Information and Communication Technology, Poznań University of Technology, for an achievement entitled "Analysis of classifier evaluation measures for streaming and imbalanced data"
* January 24, 2020 - Dr.
Zbigniew Warkocki (Department of RNA Metabolism) - natural sciences, discipline of biological sciences awarded by the Scientific Council the Discipline of Biological Sciences, Adam Mickiewicz University, for an achievement entitled "Demonstration of molecular mechanisms of RNA supply and function regulation in Eucaryots by enzymes acting on the RNA 3’ end"

Congratulations! We wish you every success in the independent scientific work!