Department of Nucleic Acids Chemistry



Prof. dr hab. Adam Kraszewski



Prof. dr hab. Jacek Stawiński, professor emeritus



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Key words:

Nucleic acids; chemical synthesis; structure determination; nucleotides; antiviral and anticancer pronucleotides; organic chemistry; bioorganic phosphorus chemistry; H-phosphonate chemistry.


Research profile:

  • Mechanistic studies.
  • Development of new synthetic methods.
  • Stereochemistry of natural products containing phosphorus.
  • Designing and development of new therapeutic antiviral and anticancer agents.


Current research activity:

  • Design and development of new antiviral and anticancer pronucleotides as potential drugs.


Other activities:

  • Reviewers and experts in the field of nucleic acid chemistry and bioorganic phosphorus chemistry.
  • Teaching, lecturing, seminars and consultations for PhD students within the framework of the Inter-Institutional Graduate School at the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry Polish Academy of Sciences.


The most important research achievements:

  • Expertize in organic chemistry, nucleotide chemistry, and bioorganic phosphorus chemistry.
  • Over 400 original and review papers (including Nature i Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA) on nucleotide chemistry, bioorganic chemistry, and molecular biology (e.g. first synthesis of biologically active regulatory gene lac-operator, first chemical synthesis of human insulin gene).
  • Members of this Department are established leaders in development of H-phosphonate methodologies for the synthesis of biologically important phosphorus compounds.


Current research projects:

At present, the Department  is involved in statutory research of the Institute.


Selected publications:

  1. Clone synthetic lac operator is biologically active
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  2. Minimal length of the lactose operator sequence for the specific recognition by the lactose repressor.
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